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Jubilej Reformatske crkve u Velikom Središtu

Puni smo utisaka nakon vikenda koji je protekao u slavlju sa Česima poreklom iz Velikog Središta, i gostima koji su doputovali iz celog sveta da bi obeležili 150 godina od izgradnje Reformatske crkve u Velikom Središtu. Svojim prisustvom nas je počastvovala i njena ekselencija ambasadorka Češke Republike u Srbiji Ivana Hlavsova.

Ivan Đorđević, direktor Vršačkog Narodnog pozorišta “Sterija”, prijatno je iznenadio goste i uveličao proslavu odličnim nastupom.

“Pemska ulica” je svima ostala u srcu i sećanju, a ova manifestacija nas je podsetila na to da je u Velikom Središtu uvek bilo mesta za sve i da će tako i ostati. Po tome je ono zaista VELIKO.

Wine promotion with classical music and poetry

22 January 2016

On Friday 22nd of January, we held a promotion for our “Classique” line of wines. Our guests could enjoy 6 different types of wine, presented with poetry and classical music. The event was enriched with a performance by the chamber ensemble “Musical direction North-South”. The trio performed works written by famous composers such as Piazzolla, Monti, Halvorsen, Schumann and Brahms. In this way, our great desire to unite our wine with classical music was finally fulfilled, to the delight of those present.  The entire event was filmed by the cameras of the local television “LAV”.

Another Gold

25 May 2013

The International Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad is the largest agribusiness event in Serbia. It is one of the top five fairs in Europe and ten in the world. At this year’s 80th anniversary fair, in the competition with 60 wineries, Classic White Burgundy of the Socanski Winery received the prestigious award.

Experts in the jury confirmed what we and our clients had long known – that the quality and taste of our wines deserved a gold medal! Another in a series of awards that our wines have won further confirms that the commitment, skills and love result in a superior quality. The quality equally recognised by experts and consumers.

New Design

10 May 2013

Enjoying good wine is not complete unless all the senses are included. In order to enhance the enjoyment of our loyal customers, we have decided to redesign the entire visual identity of the winery.

The new look of the logo and packaging reflects the essence of the winery and our wines. Classic and timeless values in the encounter with the art of enjoyment form a music that overwhelms all the senses and fills us with pleasure and joy.

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