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Classique Spiritoso

The fresh scents of the soil after the rain are interweaving with fruity aromas and bring you so into the long-lasting finish of circularizing pleasure in the cantata of taste.

Classique Tempo Rubato

Intense ruby color and taste of ripe sweet cherries will increase your desire that this romantic sonata of hedonism never comes to an end.

Classique Pinot Blanc

Floral notes of spring with delicate scents of acacia open the playful symphony of enjoyment. The fullness and warmth of taste brings to all of your senses a real feeling of satisfaction.

Classique Rose

Delicate minuet of fluttering notes of roses will overflow you with it’s own freshness and introduce you to the world of sophisticated fragrances and flavors.

Grape variety: Rhenish Riesling
Type of wine: Varietal table dry white wine
To serve with: cheese, all types of white meat, sea and river fish                               
Serving temperature: 9 – 11 °C         (48 – 52 F)
Musical proposal: Johann Sebastian Bach – Cantata BWV 147

Grape variety: Franconia
Type of wine: Varietal table dry red wine
To serve with: Ham, roasted meat, red meat, venison and blue cheese                      
Serving temperature: Mildly chilled     16 °C  (61 F)
Musical proposal: Ludwig van Beethoven – Piano sonata No. 23 «Appassionata»

Grape variety: White Burgundy
Type of wine: Varietal table dry white wine
To serve with: fresh cheese, all kinds of pastries, fish, various salads and cold appetizers
Serving temperature: 9 – 11 °C         (48 – 52 F)
Musical proposal: Ludwig van Beethoven – Symphony No. 3 «Eroica»

Grape variety: Muscat Hamburg
Type of wine: Varietal table dry rose wine
To serve with: cold appetizers, salads, grilled vegetables and grilled meat            
Serving temperature: 10 – 14 °C         (50 – 57 F)
Musical proposal: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Minuet in G-minor

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