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Made from the best hand-picked grapes

The fertile slopes of Vrsac vineyards are the origin of the well-known wines that were drunk way back at the Viennese Court. On this rich soil generations of the Sočanski family have been gathering knowledge and gaining experience in the production of grapes and wine. Each successive generation has added their personal touch and slightly improved the quality. Today, the Classic Wine Line is the synonym for quality and exquisite taste. Its unique luxurious aroma hides the history but the most exciting one – the history of enjoyment.


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The door of the Sočanski wine cellar is always open to all true hedonists who want to be a part of the enjoyment at its very source. In the pleasant shade of the wine cellar, you will learn about how the wines are produced and bottled and will have the opportunity to taste them directly from wine barrels. Whether you are an ultimate connoisseur or a novice in the wine story, you will be able, like all true aficionados, to smell, taste and enjoy our nectar. And as a finale, in the cosy wine room you will be able to learn more about and spend some time with our wines, enjoy in the local cuisine and the sounds of tamburitza.

Veliko Središte

Picturesque village of long history, dominated by an earl’s castle as evidence of its aristocratic tradition and rich wine culture.


Beautiful town of peaceful and hospitable spirit, full of hidden corners where you’ll find unsuspected enjoyment.                                 

Vršac Vineyards

Widely famous for its excellent wines, Vršac vineyards are a magnet for hedonistic adventurers to discover its sweet secrets.

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