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Love and Tradition

Socanski family has been engaged in viticulture for generations. The love for the cultivation of grapes and winemaking is passing on from generation to generation. This is why Dobrinko Socanski, the owner of the winery called by the family name, in addition to his medical profession, has a great passion for viticulture and wine. Even in his early age, as a little boy, he used to help his grandparents with the work in their family vineyard. The days spent in the vineyard, with lokal breezes and sweet grapes, he remembers as the most beautiful part of his childhood. Because of this passion and love, every single year, he travels thousands of miles on relation Norway – Serbia, to take part in vineyard cultivation, grape harvest and wine production.

Smaller Quantity of Wine, Carefully Selected Grapes and Modern Technology

Winery «Socanski» produces varietal wines and cultivates traditional grape varieties of Banat area which are perfectly matched with the composition and characteristics of the soil, micro climate and position of the vineyard. The highest quality grapes are carefully selected from our own vineyard and from the best vineyards of the local winegrowers. Smaller quantities of grapes and adequate capacity of the winery make it possible to focus attention entirely to achieving high quality wines. The use of modern technology in the production and aging of wine, in accordance with European and international standards, with careful monitoring, regular controls and consultations with top experts and enologists, results in the production of high quality wines which we are proud of.

Wine Tasting Room and Wine Cellar «Pinka»

Once, all the Banat families had specific nicknames (loc.”spicname”), so our wine cellar named after our family nickname, is to locals even today known as wine cellar «Pinka». After a short period of inaction, the wine cellar was officially registered and equipped with modern technology. Our family house is refreshed with comfortable wine room and turned into the «Socanski» winery. Now, our winery is always ready, open and humble to host all lovers of good wine and to tell them our story.

Music and Wine

As an inspiration for the «Classique» line of wine, was used the preference of Kristina Socanski, the winery owner’s daughter, to be a pianist. Music profession, which she choose, requires full dedication and commitment as well as wine growing. It is easy to compare wine with music, which in order to touch our hearts, must have a story, emotion and soul. The very same we can say for wine. Wine matures with hard work and lot of effort, requiring knowledge, understanding, correct interpretation and that is the only way for both, wine and music, to get a personal seal. Line of wines «Classique» represents a combination of two great human passions and testifies about their closeness.


In the last two decades, we have achieved numerous awards for the quality of our wines from among others: International Agricultural Fair – Novi Sad, International Wine Fair – Temerin,  International Wine Festival, Vrsac, Competition of Agricultural Schools – Vrsac.


Wine tasting in beautiful surroundings

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