Indluge in the symphony of hedonism!

From the fertile slopes of the Vršac vineyards come the widely known wines, once poured at the Viennese palaces. On this rich soil, generations of the Sočanski family gathered knowledge and gained experience in the production of grapes and wine. Each subsequent generation would add its own personal touch and slightly improve the quality. That is why today the wines of the Classique line stand for quality, caring for wine and special taste. 

The Sočanski winery is always open to all true hedonists who wish to be part of the Classique experience at its very source. In the pleasant shade of the wine cellar, you will learn how wines are made, see how they are bottled and taste them from the source. Whether you are a top connoisseur of wine or a beginner in the wine story, you will be able to taste and evaluate our nectar like all true lovers. As a finale, in the comfortable wine room you will be able to get to know and socialize with our wines, along with local specialties and the sounds of tambourines.

Selected wines

Classique Frankovka

Intense ruby color and taste of ripe cherries

Grape variety: Franconia, Merlot

Type of wine: Varietal table dry red wine

Serve with: Ham, roasted meat, red meat, venison and blue cheese

Serving temperature: 16 - 18 C

Musical proposal: Ludwig van Beethoven: Piano Sonata no. 23 "Appassionata"

Classique Rose´

Delicate, fluttering notes of roses with freshness and a sophisticated fragrance and flavor.

Grape variety: Muscat Hamburg

Type of wine: Varietal table dry rose wine

To serve with: cold appetizers, salads, grilled vegetables and grilled white meat

Serving temperature: 10 - 14 C

Musical proposal: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Minuet in G-minor

Classique Riesling

Fresh scents of soil after rain interweaving with fruity aromas with a long-lasting finish.

Grape variety: Rheinish Riesling

Type of wine: Varietal table dry white wine

To serve with: cheese, all types of white meat, sea and river fish

Serving temperature: 10 - 14 C

Musical proposal: Johann Sebastian Bach:

Cantata BWV 147

Love and tradition

The Sočanski family has been engaged in viticulture for generations, and the love for growing vines and making wine is passed down from generation to generation. That is why, Dobrinko Sočanski, the owner of the winery named after his family name, has a great passion for viticulture and wine in addition to his vocation as a doctor. As a young boy, he participated in the works in the family vineyard. He remembers the days he spent there, with the famous Vrsac breeze and sweet grapes, as the most beautiful part of his childhood. That's why he regularly travels from Norway and crosses thousands of kilometers on a monetly bases, in order to take part in cultivating the vineyard, harvesting grapes and producing wine.


The Sočanski winery produces varietal wines and grows traditional grape varieties of the Banat climate, optimally matched to the characteristics and composition of the soil, the microclimate and the location of the vineyard. The best quality grapes are carefully selected and hand picked from our own vineyard, as well as from the best vineyards of other local producers. Smaller quantities and the capacity of the winery provide the opportunity to fully focus on achieving high quality. The application of modern production technology in accordance with the leading world standards, along with careful supervision and regular consultations with experts and oenologists, produces quality wines that we are proud of.

Music and wine

The inspiration for the label of the  "Classique" comes from Kristina, Dobrinko's daughter's, commitment to music, a vocation that, like viticulture, requires complete commitment and dedication. It is easy to compare wine with a piece of music, which in order to touch us, must contain emotion and a story, to have a "soul". The same can be said for wine. It matures with hard work and a lot of effort, it requires knowledge, understanding, interpretation and a personal interpretation. The "Classique" line of wines represents a combination of two great human passions and testifies to their closeness.

Vrsac International Chember Music Festival and Opera&Wine evening

Since 2017, the Sočanski Winery has been the sponsor of the International Chamber Music Festival in Vršac, where every year, in addition to various concerts featuring young talents from the country and the world, an evening of opera and wine is also organized in the winery in the village of Veliko Srediste, near Vrsac.

Awards and where to buy our wines

Numerous awards and recognitions in the last 15 years witness about the quality of our wines, such as awards at the Novi Sad Fair, Vrsac Vinofest, Temerin Fair, AWC Vienna, The Balkans International Wine Competition & Festival.

Our wines are sold in selected wine stores in Vršac and Belgrade, and can be tried in several restaurants accross the country. They can be ordered through this page and delivered by courier throughout Serbia. From 2022, our wines are also available in Norway and can be ordered through The Wine Monopoly.

How to reach us

On the wine route from Vrsac to Gudurica, at about 11 km from Vrsac, you will find the pitoresque village of Veliko Srediste. In the center of the village, just near the church, turn left. After 200 meters, you will see the sign and find the winery.

For those who enjoy nature, we can arrange a tour of our vineyard, a hike to the highest peak in Vojvodina - Gudurica peak and a visit to the "Mesic" Monastery. We also offer an old fashioned but attractive carriage ride. A tour on the horse-back is also possible. A riding instructor is available to those wanting to try out the skill, while experienced riders can enjoy the beautiful landscape with our guide. Send us a request and we will do our best to compose an unforgettable experience for you. 

Please send us an email to book a visit: vinarija.socanski@gmail.com